Special Effects Natura - Low VOC

Low VOC – Health & Environment Friendly

Special Effects Natura is a premium quality, low VOC paint that strikes the imagination of every home maker. The smooth and silky finish comes with a promise of long life that shall maintain the elegant aura of your home for many years.


Special Effects Natura-Low VOC can be used on interior surface like plastered surface, ceiling, asbestos and hard boards.

1. Smooth & Silky Sheen
2. Best in Class Washability & Scrub Resistance
3. Maximum Durability & Colour Retention
4. Special Acrylic Emulsion with Finest Pigments Special

1. Shelf life is 2 years and should be stored between 15-30 degree Celsius

2. Available in more than 1600+ shades as per the Sheenlac Fan Deck

150-170* sq ft/litre for two coat finish under normal conditions **Coverage may vary due to factors such as method and condition of applicaon, surface roughness and porosity and weather conditions.

Technical Data

Drying Time

@ 25℃ / 50% RH

Surface Dry

30 minutes

Stability of thinned paint

Use within 24 hours

Overcoating Period

4 – 5 Hours

Gloss /Sheen

Smooth & Silky


White & Colors


Brush / Spray - Up to 65%, Roller-Up to 50% by volume with water, depending on the application consistency required.